How the 2 babes became Crossfit BFFs

Jess and I on one of our adventures outside the Gym - at a recent performance of the Nutcracker

Jess and I on one of our adventures outside the Gym – at a recent performance of the Nutcracker

So Jess and I are rather inseparable at the gym (even though she has slacked off on coming to 6 AMs these days, promising to return “once it’s light outside again”). We love to WOD together (if it’s a partner WOD, look out – bam – it’s on!) and hang out together outside of the gym as well. But, how did this great partnership begin? Read on to hear us both tell our side of the story…

As Hilary Recalls…

The first time I talked to Jess and her husband Chris was New Year’s Day 2014. Alchemy was having their annual New Year’s Day charity workout, and the WOD was in teams of 4. At that point, I was only coming to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and didn’t really know anyone (my, how things have changed in a year), so I got paired with Jess, Chris, and another athlete for the WOD. We chatted, WOD’ed, and generally had a good time (I remember there being a lot of rowing in the WOD, but not the other specifics…would have to check my success journal).

Over the next couple of months, Jess and I both were spending more time at the gym. I would see her and chat a bit. She would ask how my Burpee challenge was going (will have to write a separate post on that one day). Jess was even there the first time I benched 100 pounds (although I’m sure she doesn’t remember – memory is not exactly her strong suit).

In May, I competed at Farm WOD, which was a super-fun event Jess and Chris held at his parents’ farm in place of a stag and doe where we got to partner up and complete an obstacle course. Shortly after that, Jess joined the dark side and began coming out with me at 6AM.

We soon realized that we loved being together and started to take things outside of the gym. After I moved in July, Jess came over with wine and snacks, and we watched the Crossfit games together sitting on my floor (my furniture still hadn’t arrived). Later that month, we went on a camping trip with a bunch of our other Crossfit friends (ask Jess what it’s like to paddle a canoe backwards for 3 hours).

But it wasn’t until Jess left for her 3-week long honeymoon that I realized how tight we had become. I was messaging her weekly, and once she was back, I saw how much I missed WODing with her.

From that point on, we’ve been pretty much inseparable. We did our first comp together in September, and, although Jess is on a 6AM hiatus these days, we still get in some lifting sessions together each week. Jess pushes me to feats I didn’t think I could achieve, and I couldn’t imagine anyone better to have as a Crossfit BFF, Lifting Soulmate, or Partner in Crime.

As Jess sees it…

I just want to first point out that the above story is incredibly adorable Hilary, and sounds like a fantastic plot for a romantic comedy. #wifey

Secondly, I must point out that my memory (as mentioned by Hilary) is terrible. I barely remember yesterday and I still can’t tell you my husband’s birthday. Not even kidding. I apologize to Hilary in advance as my story won’t do her justice.

So, how did we become WOD crushing partners? Well, I vaguely remember my Stag and Doe last summer: the Farm WOD. I remember Hilary’s cut off sleeved top and I remember sweating a lot while carrying truck tires up a steep hill. Hilary had such a great attitude about the whole thing and was game to try anything. She also wanted to win-I liked that. I didn’t really know her well at this point, and when she mentioned coming to 6am’s I said I would try to remember for Monday.

Monday came and Hilary and I were paired for a partner WOD. Our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other very well and I remember having an awesome score.  After that, I think we just kept doing 6 ams and became friends. Our mutual love for ice cream probably helped cement our bond as she introduced me to ‘Big Scoops’ ice cream shop one fine summer afternoon. Since then, I’ve met her incredibly lovely family and fun friends. I’ve listened many times as the supply teaching robot calls her, and spilled coconut oil and salted popcorn all over her leather couch a time or two. Her apartment is the ‘unofficial’ hangout spot for our crew at the gym so I’m usually there, and usually eating her baking or drinking exotic tea.





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