An Ode to Oats

We’re a few days past Valentine’s, I know. But here’s a love letter I wrote over the weekend. It gets pretty steamy. Read on at your own risk.

Dear Oatmeal,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Do I start with your incredible nutrition? The way you slowly release your soluble fibre to keep me full and satisfied all morning? How your healthy whole grains give me the carbs I need to recover from a tough early morning WOD? Yeah, I know you’re not Paleo, but, let’s be honest: that whole Paleo thing is kind of trendy anyway, and that’s not you, Oatmeal. You’re a classic. And really, if someone put a hot, steaming bowl of oats in front of a caveman, I have a hard time believing he wouldn’t eat them.

Or should I talk about your incredible price value, how you cost so little, but do so very much?

There’s always your comfort factor, the way you keep me feeling all warm and cozy even when there’s a polar vortex outside.

Or your endless versatility. Oatmeal, you can be part of my breakfast almost every day of the week and you never get stale. Things are always exciting between us. Whether you’re…

  • Stirred with some applesauce, spices, coconut, cacao nibs, Stevia and honey and then baked until you crisp up into delicious, healthy homemade granola
  • Cooked in the microwave in your speedy but equally delicious format of Oat bran, along with some cocoa powder to make you chocolate-y, almond milk, cinnamon, Stevia and egg whites for an added protein boost, topped off with berries and banana
  • Chilling out in the fridge all night long with egg whites, almond milk, Stevia, chia seeds, cinnamon and fruit to make some killer overnight oats that are a life-saver on busy mornings
  • Blended up with some baking powder, cocoa powder, banana, cinnamon and egg
    It's hard to see, but there are pancakes under all that fruit!

    It’s hard to see, but there are pancakes under all that fruit!

    whites, then cooked up in some coconut oil and topped off with fruit for the tastiest protein pancakes (see photo at right)

  • Or if you’re in my make-ahead, always keep in the freezer for days when I’ve got no time standby of baked oatmeal, based on this recipe (modifications when I make it: use all egg whites, omit the blueberries and add fruit on the side, swap the brown sugar for a mix of Stevia and maple syrup/honey, plus a mashed ripe banana if I’ve got it, sometimes use almond milk, use chia seeds instead of the flax)

Oatmeal, is there anything you can’t do? Even after all these years, things are still hot and steamy between us. Breakfast trends come and go. But Oatmeal, you’re my rock. Never change.

I’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “An Ode to Oats

  1. Best love letter I’ve ever read. It touched me in so many ways and I related to every detail you described about your relationship with Oatmeal. I too meet Oatmeal everyday of the year for breakfast.


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