#Twinning: Lifting for Three

Well, this was quite the shock.

We are expecting TWINS! When I was first shown the news, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two babies, not one? Was the ultrasound tech sure!? Maybe there was an optical illusion happening here. They don’t run in our families, so surely this must be a mistake?! Nope, it was official, we were having not just a baby, but a family.

Okay, Okay. So we’ve already addressed that for most athletes, Crossfit while prego with one baby is safe here, but is it safe while carrying two babies to Crossfit?! Life just got a little more complicated. With this whole ‘twin’ status thing I was immediately a ‘high risk’ pregnancy. What this meant, I had no idea. Looking for answers I went to see my GP.

My doctor felt very confident that at this point in my pregnancy as long as I felt comfortable during my exercise, and wasn’t trying anything new, that I should definitely continue with Crossfit. He mentioned that later on in my pregnancy, exercise will become more difficult as my bump grows. He said that as I progress upwards through the months, my intensity and ability will diminish. Makes sense. At the moment I’m 13 weeks and still enjoying almost every movement or technique I would have 14 weeks ago- just at reduced intensity and weight. (My next post will be on scaling options for pregos so stay tuned!)

Whether you’re pregnant, thinking of trying, or a coach looking for some guidance regarding programming for a client, I highly recommend you to take a look at a great journal article I found online: http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-library/the-pregnant-athlete This article is very straightforward and gives clear guidance on what is safe and what to avoid. In it Druxman says:

It’s true that pregnancy can detract from an athlete’s ability to attain peak performance levels in elite competition. But that doesn’t mean your pregnant athlete clients need to lower their activity to negligible levels. As long as they listen to their bodies, it should be safe for them to exercise at prepregnancy training levels throughout their pregnancies. 

Since we started sharing the ‘twin’ news with friends and family, we immediately started getting advice and cautionary tales regarding lifting and exercising (Sound familiar Moms?) Most of my family’s first response was “Well, you’re going to have to stop that fitness craze you’re a part of now!”….not likely. During my first trimester I look some time off due to a back injury. Since returning to the gym, I’ve felt so much better physically, emotionally and mentally. After a workout I feel more awake, clear, motivated and actually sleep much better at night (see ya later insomnia!). Don’t fret when the coach potatoes tell you to join their club. Pregnancy isn’t the perfect excuse to start eating Cheetos and watch 2 seasons of Friends in a row on the couch every weekend…. rather it’s the ultimate motivator to eat healthy, be active and treat your body like the human-making temple it is! If you’re an athlete who’s feeling ill during the first trimester and becoming frustrated, my advice would be to start small. Go for a walk with your partner, do some air squats or pushups at home. Get on an exercise bike at low intensity just to get moving around a bit. Once you’re through your first trimester the clouds will lift and you’ll get right back in the swing of things.

Listen to your body, you’ll know when to slow down or go a bit lighter.

All the best,


Expecting? Let me know what you’re doing to stay healthy in the comments below.

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