15.4: Are we there yet?

Anyone else suffering from Open Fatigue yet? I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends at the gym in the last couple of days that have started with: “I can’t wait ’till the Open’s done.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad I did the Open. In case you missed it, 1 RX’ed a T2B WOD for the first time in 15.1, fell into a brief depression after coming up short in 15.2, and learned just how hard I could push myself (and that 10 pound wall balls are no joke) after 15.3.

I’m just getting tired. Tired of feeling like I HAVE to write a post about the Open when I’ve got other ideas floating around in my head. Tired of seeing the Open workout and having to readjust the lifts I had planned for the day around it. Tired of not really lifting heavy for weeks now because “that’s not how you train for the Open.”

OK. End rant. I think the Open is great, I’m glad I did it, but I’m also glad we are coming up to the last week (man, that went fast).

Onto 15.4. Things went down a little differently for me this week than usual. For one, I ended up watching the live announcement with my momma (I was home visiting since I had the week off school last week). Like everyone else, I found the initial push-up and rep scheme announcement confusing. Then when Castro made his little HSPU announcement, I knew I’d be scaling once again (I keep waiting for the week when there’s no complicated gymnastic movement I suck at or can’t do. I’m afraid it’s not going to come).

I started watching the guys and went about scrolling through the Crossfit games site on my phone, looking to see what I’d be doing. At first, I assumed it would be regular push-ups. I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m not the strongest at them, but on the other hand, it’s something I’ve been working on A LOT lately. Maybe all the hard work would pay off. Then I saw the push press and clean combo. And I got happy. Really happy. No gymnastics? 8 minutes of brute strength and 2 movements that I really like at weights that are fairly light for me?

Yup. You better believe I was dancing along with Pharrell on the inside. I was a little confused as to why us scaled folks needed a whole different rep scheme (anyone want to shed some light on that?, but overall really excited to go crush this one.

I couldn’t do my usual Friday 6 AM WOD because I was out of town at my mom’s, but headed back home in the morning, and made it to the gym a little before 11.

After stretching, warming up, taking note of Jen (remember her? Fellow 6 AM-er, Crossfit life hero)’s score of 110 and mentally making plans to beat it (Jen’s fast, and pretty strong, but I had a feeling I might have the edge on this one. I love working out with the same people so I have benchmarks to compare myself to and then push myself), I was ready to go.

Plus side of going at a later time? I got to do the WOD alongside my Crossfit friend Kim, which doesn’t usually happen due to our differing schedules. I was also judged this time by Coach Craig, instead of Duncan as per usual. How would all these changes affect my performance? I was also a little nervous because I had done Fight Gone Bad on Thursday (and reclaimed a spot on our gym’s leader board, beating my previous score by 40 reps – woot!), which includes 3 minutes of push press. Would that prove to be a bad decision?

Craig advised me to go unbroken on the push press, and drop after each clean. I’m glad he said that or I totally would’ve done touch and go and probably gassed myself pretty early on. I find that I can get into more trouble with lighter cleans in a workout, because then I think it’s easy and don’t pace myself and end up really gassed (I did that at a competition last fall with the exact same weight, 75#).

I pretty much stuck to the plan the whole time. 10 push press. Then turn around, onto the clean bar, pick it up, put it down, ten times. It felt good. Really good. Craig and Mike, a fellow member who stuck around to watch, were really great at encouraging me and cheering me on. I didn’t really take any breaks. As soon as I came off one movement I went right to the other. I can’t remember the exact time, but I hit 110 and knew I’d beat Jen’s score. Still felt good and kept pushing.

Craig and Mike pushed me to sprint the last minute. When I got to my last set of cleans, Craig said this time I was doing touch and go. I dug in and managed to bust out 6 cleans, meaning I was just shy of 7 rounds, for a score of 136.

Yep. I crushed it. I felt good the whole time, did what I needed to do, put it all out there, and dominated. Craig even said he thought I might take this one for the scaled division at our gym. 15.4 Scaled was easily, hands down, my favourite workout of the Open. I guess all those changes and the previous day’s FGB hadn’t hurt me too badly after all.

Later on Friday, I came back for Oly lifting class, to work on other stuff, and help judge. Crossfit friend Meaghan gave me a run for my money but ended up tying my score. Then I judged Victoria. She pushed hard. She did great. Coach Craig also came up to her during the last minute and urged her to do touch and go.

Darn it Craig – you just cost me my top score! Victoria got 138! Although I was disappointed to no longer be number one (and, more than a little tempted to redo it, I’ll admit), she totally earned it. Victoria worked hard, and deserved everyone one of those 138 reps. I can settle for second.

More judging on Saturday for both scaled and RX divisions (I’ll admit – judging the RX division on this one was scary! That rep scheme! That HSPU standard!). I had to give out several no reps, which I hate doing – nothing more frustrating than putting out all that effort and then not having it count. Poor Josh Bridges.

I did receive a compliment though that made my day. After judging Diana, she said that from now on only me and Coach Craig were allowed to judge her! When she saw that Craig wasn’t there, she requested me as a judge over others who were there! ❤ And last week Breanne requesting me? Awwww, you guys. I just do my job.

Well, another Open WOD in the books. Meaning we are one workout closer to THE END of the 2015 Open. My 15.5 prediction is that it will have at least one, and possibly all of: burpees, thrusters and box jumps. Perhaps some pistol squats too (although that means I’m scaling again for sure). Anyone else want to take a guess?

Again, although I was sorry to have to scale, it was nice to finally have a workout that I truly felt was in my wheelhouse. It was great to go out there, give it my all, and totally rock it. If that meant scaling, so be it (and who am I kidding? I’m not even close to being a regionals athlete. Everyone keeps saying the Open is totally different this year with the scaled division. I now have an idea of what I can work towards for next year).

Yeah, actually, now that I think of it, I take that back. I’m not sorry I had to scale. I’m glad I got to do a workout that was appropriate for where I am now as an athlete. I’m glad I got to push hard for 8 minutes doing movements I’m confident with. It’s not “just” a scaled score. It’s a score of someone strong, fierce, who totally dominated. Nothing to be sorry about.

15.4 – what did you think? Did you do scaled or RX?

Are you suffering from Open Fatigue?

Any 15.5 predictions?


3 thoughts on “15.4: Are we there yet?

  1. Ugh thrusters! I hope not, I have a mental block with them. But, I feel that movement is pretty much guaranteed for 15.5!


  2. I loved this workout! At my gym we were not allowed to use two different bars. We had to put on and take off the extra weight with no help from our judge. I was happy at the time for the forced rest but all that fiddling with bar clips took a lot of time…. 😦


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