Rx+ …Twinning in the Third Trimester

Hey it’s Jess. Remember me? Sorry for being MIA for the past month or so. We’ve just undergone a colossal move/renovation in our new home. Busy would be an understatement. I just wanted to post a quick update 🙂 and thank Hilary for keeping up with fantastic posts during my absence.

I’m now several weeks into my (drum roll please) Third Trimester! It’s all swollen ankles, mid-day naps, awkward waddling and excessive perspiration from here on in until my boys arrive. (Sounds like the old-me the day after heavy squats… okay maybe not the swollen ankles bit). So here I am, getting large and out of shape… or perhaps becoming a completely new shape altogether. Simple tasks are sometimes exhausting and I’m always out of breath due to my limited lung capacity. I’ve gained 30 lbs so far, and I have to tell you that I can really feel it!

The gym is difficult for me, and my membership is now on hold until after the boys arrive, mostly because my personal life has become so hectic trying to finish tasks before I become a mother that the gym takes a back seat. Luckily, carrying around the equivalent of a 30lb medicine ball under my shirt all day helps to keep a certain level of fitness. I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to keep very active throughout my pregnancy. Although, I think my new neighbors think I’m completely out to lunch as I’m getting quite large now and continue to cut the lawn in my sports bra and shorts (uh, hello, it’s 30 degrees out here!), cut and paint trim for our home, the other day I even cut down a branch from our tree with a chain saw…. I can almost hear the lady next door tutting me behind her curtain. Anyways, my point is that if you’re pregnant and used to physical activity, do not feel bad about continuing to live your life! I often receive stares of disapproval or gawks from passers by but I am confident in my abilities and slow down if I feel the need. If you’re like me and in your last trimester and feeling a bit guilty about your lack of gym time, remember that you’re living Rx+ already. As long as you’re active at home, and keep moving, you should bounce back after pregnancy no problemo! I really look forward to getting back to the gym and setting new goals once the boys are here. Until then, I’m enjoying my last weeks of pregnancy and getting ready to become a mom.

xo Jess


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