Summer time and the living is easy. The weather’s nice, maybe you’ve got some time off, and maybe you’re lucky enough to be getting away on vacation. IMG_3931 (2)

Back in July I had the pleasure of spending a few days at a beautiful resort up North with my family. I joined them Monday, staying until early Saturday morning when I took off to join my team at BeachWOD, a CrossFit competition which was exactly what it sounded like.

Anyway, being at the resort meant 5 whole days away from the gym. Not only that, but although the resort had a pool and a beach, there was no gym in sight. However, ever the resourceful girl that I am, I managed to come up with several acceptable WOD-ternatives.

Tuesday, Day 1: Be resourceful and and come up with my own WOD. See above photo. I had the idea of the handstand hold WOD from a workout we did at my gym a few weeks prior and really enjoyed. I think I ended up doing this in 5 rounds, so I would only be handstandinimage1 (2)g a minute at a time and not burn out my shoulders too soon. I liked this one for the combo of strength and a bit of cardio from the run (I can’t give you the exact distance because I don’t know how far it was to run to the dock).

Wednesday, Day 2: Use My WOD. I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this app for awhile. My friend Soph told me about it…guys, SO AWESOME! It has all the benchmark, hero, and Open WODs for you to do and track your scores. It has a spot to track all your lifts. It has timers you can use (countdown, AMRAP, Tabata, you name it). It also has a bunch of “road WODs” you can do when you’re out of the gym. I did Road WOD 19 (see left) on the dock. And I have to say, I really don’t like tuck jumps. I think I hate them more than burpees…does that even make sense?

image2 (2)

Every day: work on mobility! In fact, since I’ve really been prioritizing postural and mobility homework these days, I joked to some friends before I left that I’d make this vacation a “northern mobility retreat.” A week out of the gym is a great time to do all that extra mobility you don’t usually get around to. You can stretch and mobilize with little to no equipment. It’s an even better activity if it’s a rainy afternoon, everyone’s feeling lazy and your nieces are napping. Funny story: when my brother-in-law saw me using the “mobility tools” you see to the bottom right, he said “oh so that IS yours. We thought maybe it was a pile of things that Lucy (my 3 year old niece) took from somewhere. 😉 #mobilityproblems

Thursday, Day 3: Go exploring. Our resort was on a lake with a little island in the middle of it. I love to swim, so I decided it would be fun to wake up early (because I don’t know how to wake up any other time, even on vacation) and tackle the swim. It took just under an hour there and back, which I think more than counts as a WOD. And given the open water and the goal of exploring, the soIMG_3942 (2)lo swim actually went by pretty quickly (although the water was pretty chilly and I was cold for the rest of the day).

Friday, Day 4: Relax, and rest up for the next day’s competition. Obviously I wasn’t going to do a WOD the day before I competed. So I did my mobility routine, along with another activity I had enjoyed for each of the three days prior: Stand Up Paddleboarding. Our resort had boards available to use, which I took advantage of each day, going out for between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. SUP-ing is a one of those activities that might not feel “like a workout” or constantly really hard, but if you stop and think about it, you’re really using your core for stability, hence getting a pretty good workout in the process. It’s great to find an activity on vacation that you can enjoy and has the added benefit of getting you out and being active.

IMG_3969 (2)

Every day: Enjoy the treats on offer on vacation. See the photo to the right: that’s a sundae made with premium ice cream from a local dairy and house-made chocolate peanut butter sauce. And I had more than one over the course of the week. Yeah. They were awesome. See, the beauty of living a lifestyle that’s generally pretty dang healthy and staying active on vacation is that when you have the occasional chocolate PB sundae (or 2…or 3) it’s not gonna ruin everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I still tried to be smart and balance my indulgences. I didn’t say yes to everything. And if I knew I was gonna have one of these puppies after dinner, I stuck to fruit for dessert at lunch. I had some tasty poolside drinks, but kept it to one at a time, bookended by loads and loads of water. And I took some curly fries at lunch, but kept the portion small and paired it with lots of salad.

I generally have a hard time walking the line between “treating myself” and going all the way overboard, but for the most part I felt like I struck a pretty decent balance on this vacation. Not perfect, but I relaxed, enjoyed, and didn’t go too crazy. I also felt good about fitting in so much activity. That’s another great thing about Crossfit: It’s portable, and if you want to spend time with family, you don’t need an hour to go fit in a workout. You can get a great WOD in 15 minutes or less and get on with your day.

What do you do for vacation WODS? Do you try to fit workouts in or take a week off?


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