#tbt …to that time I started CrossFit

Jess and I at our first competition together a year ago - my how far we've come!

Jess and I at our first competition together a year ago – my how far we’ve come!

I hope you’re ready for some nostalgia. Because, as crazy as it is to think about it, this week marks two whole years since I (Hilary) started CrossFit! It’s also been a year since we started this blog, and a year ago last weekend, Jess and I did our first CrossFit competition together…crazytown!

In the spirit of #tbt, here’s a post I wrote reflecting on year one of Crossfit (which was incidentally also our very first post). And I decided to keep the nostalgia/#tbt theme going (it is Thursday after all) by creating a list of things I never would have believed if you told me two years ago before I was the CrossFitter I am today.

So here goes. If you had told me two years ago that:

  • I would have found a “workout” that I would look forward to and enjoy
  • I would be one of “those people” who spends all their spare time at the gym (and love every minute of it….well ok, not EVERY minute. I hate the minutes that I do split squats)
  • I’d be planning my life around my gym schedule
  • A large part of my social circle would be filled with my “gym friends”
  • Some of the people I now consider some of my best friends would be people I met at the gym
  • I would be able to do multiple “non-girl” push-ups, handstands, climb a rope, and do pull-ups (even if my strict pull-ups have temporarily gone away)
  • I would have an understanding and appreciation of the beauty and technicality of Olympic lifting
  • I would find challenging myself and pushing myself harder than I ever had before the most relaxing and rewarding part of my day
  • I would learn to love lifting heavy
  • I would be working out not to look a certain way, but because I love how it makes me feel
  • I would see myself as an athlete
  • I would consider myself strong and might actually be good at some things in CrossFit
  • I would start thinking about food not in terms of what I could and couldn’t eat to look a certain way, but what it would do for me and how it would fuel my performance
  • ..and along the way I’d lose over 20 pounds and totally change the way I look
  • I would actually be happy with my body, the way it looks, and more importantly, what it can do
  • I would find having a bigger butt and broad shoulders desirable
  • That multiple people would tell me I was inspiration to them
  • I would be asked to speak at an evening on physical fitness
  • People would refer to me as their “strong” or “athletic” friend
  • I would frequently be covered in bruises (*it is to be noted that I bruise EXTREMELY easily…as Jess says “all I have to do is look at you the wrong way and you bruise”), have calluses and torn hands, and not care at all
  • I would spend extra time and money doing CrossFit competitions in my free time…and love every second of it
  • I would fit in, belong, and feel like an important member of a community made of up “fit people”
  • The coaches at my gym would be some of the people who know me best
  • I would consider my gym one of my favourite things about the new city that I moved to. And wouldn’t leave it for the world.
  • I would push myself to do tough athletic feats, and constantly amaze myself

….I don’t think I would have believed you. But, here I stand, 2 years into my “CrossFit career,” and I am so happy to be wrong. This may be cheesy, it may be cliched, but CrossFit has changed my life. It has made me a better person in so many ways.

It has showed me that you can achieve any dream through a lot of hard work.

It has taught me to never give up on the dream, even in the face of defeat, and months and months of seemingly progress. That just when you think you’ll never make it, then there’s a breakthrough.

It’s taught me that injuries and setbacks can be frustrating, but through them, there’s much to be learned that can have a huge payoff in due time.

And of course, CrossFit brought me and Jess together. Our friendship would be worth it for that alone, even without all the other stuff I just wrote about.

So CrossFit, it’s been a great two years. Here’s to many, many more. I can’t wait to get stronger, set more PRs, learn more lessons, make more friends and maybe, just maybe, do a muscle-up someday…? šŸ˜‰


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