An Autumn Tea Party with my Crossfit BFF, Two Babes, and my incredible Crossfit Commuity

Shower3I am constantly blown away by the incredible people in my life that I’ve met through Crossfit. The community at our gym is made up of extremely talented, unique and  successful people who are exceedingly supportive of one another. It’s a common sight to see everyone in the gym stop what they are working on to cheer on a new comer or someone struggling through the last 15 reps of a WOD. It’s this community, and sense of unity that makes me feel so included and supported while perusing my goals at the gym. I am so thankful for all the friendships I’ve made since joining Alchemy Crossfit.

This past weekend, Hilary threw me the most adorable baby shower and many of our wonderful Crossfitting friends attended. The day reinforced for me how fortunate I am to have such solid people in my life and friendships that now transcend the gym atmosphere. The funny thing about Crossfit is that it unites those with the will to work hard, even though we all come from different occupations, are different ages, and come from different backgrounds. In one small space we have accountants, pilots, doctors, firefighters, lawyers, teachers, stay at home moms and students all working towards common challenging goals. It’s incredible how Crossfit attracts a certain personality; one that values perseverance, honesty and integrity.

Okay, okay enough about how much I love my Crossfit friends… let me tell you about the fantastic baby shower Hilary threw for the boys! Two words: Tea. Party.

Hilary likes purple, oh, and pink, and generally anything that’s frilly or could be described as ‘adorable’ (which is why she is so fond of my little men!) ;). So throwing a tea party/bridal shower is totally her jam and let me tell you- she did such a fantastic job! The food was incredible (especially the date squares), the games were fun (really, shower games, fun!), the tea was fantastic as were the 28 assorted teacups available for filling :). My two little guys were passed around like hot potatoes while I was able to enjoy the afternoon chatting with friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you Hilary for the wonderful day and memories. Your hard work and creativity were so appreciated.  And thank you to all my wonderful friends who came to support Chris, Dawson, Corbin and myself. We are so grateful for you all.

xo Jess


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