16 on 16.1

So I said last week that I wasn’t going to post each week during the Open. I haven’t been posting much lately, life is busy, and these posts take a while to write. Then the Open started, I got pumped up, and here I am. But I have come up with a compromise/clever gimmick (and maybe you’ve guessed it given the title). Each week I will write a 16 sentence summary of my thoughts/experience on each Open WOD (the little intro for this week doesn’t count)….and the decimal number (.1, .2 etc..) will be my final score. Ready? Let’s give it a go.

  1. My thoughts on hearing the announcement: lunges: yay (I love lunges…I know I’m weird), burpees: ok, C2B: heart sinks (have never done a C2B pull-up before).
  2. I dreamt about doing the workout, and in my dream I got 2 rounds of the workout RX, for a total of 16 chest-to-bar pull-ups…sure hoped that was foreshadowing!
  3. I plan to do most of the Open Workouts on Saturday mornings when our gym is having its big event (and this year they did in-house teams, so you get bonus points for your team for showing up then), but this weekend I was in a rowing relay on Saturday so I planned to do it Friday morning at 6 AM.
  4. Plan of attack after agreed upon with coach: attempt the workout RX (even a super low RX score is higher than a scaled one) and submit that score, then go back later and do it scaled to get in a workout if C2B didn’t happen (and I would not be allowed to try and flail around for 15 minutes and hurt myself).
  5. “Rx’ed it” and got a score of 18 (lunge, burpees, lunge), couldn’t do C2B.
  6. If being honest, I am super disappointed that I couldn’t get a C2B pull-up during the Open, and also super jealous of all the girls who have been CrossFitting for less time than me and could.
  7. As frustrated and angry as I was, I didn’t let myself go into the caverns of despair like last year.
  8. I thought about it, and each attempt I made at a C2B (I was cut off around 5 and a half minutes) was a legit kipping pull-up: of which I could do none during the 2015 Open, so there’s that.
  9. I decided to come back to do the scaled version during my gym’s “Friday Night Lights” event, which didn’t start until 7:15 PM.
  10. My body was really confused at the idea of working out that late (6 AM all the way), I almost went crazy after work waiting to go in, and since that WOD is 20 minutes long and our gym could only do heats of 5 and I was in the third heat, I didn’t actually do the WOD until 8:30 PM!
  11.  Scaled WOD has NO BREAKS, you just go for 20 minutes non-stop.
  12. As previously mentioned, I love lunges, so those were great; I managed to pace the burpees pretty well, and I just banged out all of the jumping pull-ups unbroken.
  13. I wish that last year the scale of C2B had been jumping pull-ups and this year it had been regular, not the other way around because this year I can do regular pull-ups and last year I couldn’t: oh well.
  14. I factually sort of like long, grind-y workouts, and felt pretty good I would say until about the 12 minute mark, even still, I pushed through (I swear my lunge steps got bigger each round because I just didn’t want to do more than I had to) and got it done.
  15. My judge was my friend Kyle, who is super awesome, encouraging and amazing.
  16. I had no idea of reps and rounds, but I wish I had, because I would have pushed it if I had known how close I was to 300, and even though I was tired after, I didn’t feel totally terrible.


.1 Final Score: Official RX submitted: 18 Unofficial scaled: 291.




2 thoughts on “16 on 16.1

  1. I feel you on the jealousy over C2B or even regular pull-ups. I’m not there yet, but felt like the jumping pull-ups were “too scaled”. And I did the same on the lunges, getting bigger with my steps so as to not do too many each round toward the end! Badass score, scaled or not!!! Keep it up! 🙂


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