16 on 16.2

Missed last week? Get the skinny on my 16.1 experience here. 


Submit your score early: it doesn’t last but it’s a nice little ego boost.

1.This week, I watched the Open announcement with CrossFit friend and 6 Am butt-kicker (that’s a compliment) Victoria.

2. During Castro’s protracted and complicated announcement, once again an emotional rollercoaster: I was excited about squat cleans, and then saw the rest of the workout and thought “okay, I can do this;” then saw the time cap and the heart sank.

3. I was worried I’d be doing toes to bar for 4 minutes (remember 15.1 last year…it took almost 7 minutes to get 15?) because although my T2B have vastly improved, they’re still a weakness.

4. I decided my goal for this WOD was just to make it to the barbell.

5. Friday morning I went in to my usual 6 AM to test the workout, because I would be doing it for my submitted score at our all-gym party on Saturday morning (this year we have teams for the Open, and you get bonus points for working out on Saturday).

6. Just a side note that before the WOD, I back squatted 4×3 at 195#, 5 pounds more than my 5RM – our gym’s squat progression this month is working wonders!

7. I can’t kip toes to bar, and decided to go for a set of 4, then 3s, so as not to tire myself out or get no-repped.

8. I managed to stick to my plan, go unbroken on the double unders (thanks to all of my Open prep, I am well-accustomed to doing double unders under fatigue – thanks coach!) and got to the barbell, finishing 5 cleans – way better than I thought!

9. After my first attempt, I was a mix of emotions: proud, happy and surprised with how well I did and how far I had come versus last year; scared and paranoid that since I surpassed expectations the first time, I wouldn’t do as well when it came time to do it “for real;” and hungry for more – I thought that maybe I had a chance at finishing the first round.

10. I showed up Saturday totally amped up (due to a combination of watching “The Fittest on Earth” Crossfit games Friday night (highly recommend!), waking up way too early, and being perhaps a tad over-caffeinated) and talked to my coach to ask if he thought I could make it out of the first round. His answer was a maybe (I knew he’d give it to me straight), and he said that I just needed to focus on getting the toes to bar done as fast as possible, since that would be the weak point for me; not to think too much about breaking them up but just getting them done; and then to touch and go on the cleans to get them done quickly.

11. I waited impatiently for my turn in the fourth heat then it was time to go: this time I had to drop to sets of 2 for the T2B at the end, and I tripped with 4 DU left, but my time was still not too bad (I forget the exact time, but I got to the barbell at 2 something).

12. Favourite hilarious moment was my judge/coach yelling at me to pull up my pants after the DU (I could feel them sliding down but what can you do?)…he apologized after the fact but I thought it was pretty funny; as I left the gym he called out “buy new pants!” 😉

13. I was surprisingly tired when it came to the cleans, started by making a silly mistake, forgetting what I was doing and power cleaning once then dropping it; wasting precious time and my touch and go plan went out the window; I think I touched and go-ed 2 or 3, but I just didn’t feel I had it in me.

14. I pushed hard, gave it my all, but came up 3 reps short of finishing round one, and my 16.2 was done after 4 minutes, with me lying on the floor after going all-out.

15. Again, an incredible mix of emotions: proud of surpassing my goal and with how far I’ve come in the past year and that I could even come close to making it out of the first round; relieved that I improved on my test score; frustrated and jealous of all the girls who could do better than me, again, especially those who have been CrossFitting for less time; and hungry for more/extremely tempted to re-do and try and make it out of round one (I really think I could do it if I avoided the silly power clean mistake and could even do one set of 5 cleans touch and go, but I’m not going to do it).

16. Honesty time: Although I’ve been saying to people “I can’t be upset, given where I’ve come from/my goal,” I am not totally satisfied at the end of this one. I leave 16.2 proud, but wanting more – the Open sure can play with your heart!

.2: Final Score: 87


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