16 on 16.3

Catch up on the first two weeks of the Open here and here.

  1. Spoiler alert: I didn’t get my first bar muscle-up this week (although I must say I’ve enjoyed all the memes/social media posts along the line all week).
  2. I couldn’t watch the Open announcement live this week because I had a music practice at church (although that didn’t stop me from obsessively checking the gamesFullSizeRender website on my phone and texting my usual crew of Crossfit friends).
  3. It was from one of those text conversations, to my friend Soph, as we commiserated with our dissatisfaction with the WOD and its scale, and all the hype surrounding the Open, that I made the comment you see to the left: Screw Dave Castro (also, I watched the live announcement after the fact – how weird was that?). I just wanna workout and live my life (in fact, that would be the subtitle of this post if it had one).
  4. I knew a bar MU was out of the question (remember – I couldn’t get a c2B pull-up in 16.1), so the only question was what to do about submitting a score – 10 snatches at 55 to stay at “RX” for another week, or scale it and submit that score and get in a real workout?
  5. I did my usual Friday 6 AM class and did 5 minutes of the scaled version since I planned to do the workout “for real” on Saturday again – even with an empty bar, that many snatches working so quickly does get tiring.
  6. Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups: SUPER AWKWARD. Am I right? Gotta say – not a fan of that movement/scale.
  7. Friday night CrossFit friend Kim came over for dinner and we watched the live announcement – we were both back and forth about whether to scale or not (although a bar MU was at least in the realm of possibility for her), and by the time I went to bed I still hadn’t decided.
  8. Saturday morning came: to scale or not I still hadn’t decided, but I did go for a walk to do errands/mini run first. I was either going to be doing 10 snatches and/or a 7 min AMRAP with a lot of sitting around, plus it was gorgeous outside so I decided I felt like getting moving for a bit before heading to the gym.
  9. Upon arrival, the coaches assembled us into our teams for our in-house “Alchemy Open,” to discuss strategy/who was doing RX vs. scaled. In the end, I decided to do the scaled version with everyone else, then do 10 snatches after the fact and submit a score of 10 RX.
  10. I really am not a fan of waiting around to work out if I don’t have to, so, mercifully I was in the first heat.
  11. Chin-up grip makes jumping C2B pull-ups significantly better (still awkward though) and I managed to move through them at a decent pace (compared to the day before) and did my snatches all unbroken.
  12. When I was done, I went into the back room with my chiropractor (who is a member and had been helping judge), and with her watching, completed my 10 snatches (which felt surprisingly heavy after the 7 minutes of snatching), and submitted that score to remain an RX athlete for another week.
  13. I stayed to watch the remaining heats (this WOD has definitely been the least chaotic to coordinate so far) go, and saw some pretty epic first bar muscle-ups that were not exactly beautiful/I’m a bit surprised didn’t end in injury.
  14. I’m still a bit conflicted about my decision, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s more in the “spirit of the Open” to do my darndest to get in a tough WOD, scaled or not, or to try and stay “RX” for as long as I can, even if it means taking a lower score.
  15. I don’t want to take anything away from all the people getting their first bar muscle-ups – it is really and truly awesome and what the Open is all about. But not everyone will get one – and in fact, most people won’t. Bar muscle-up or not, if you put forth the best effort you could and gave it your all, then you succeeded and you are not in any way a failure.
  16. You and I will live another day, with or without that muscle-up.

.3 Official score: 10 RX

(Unofficial: 110 scaled with a 6:43 tiebreak).



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