16 on 16.4

Only one more week to go! …check in on weeks one, two and three if you’ve missed them.

  1. After watching the announcement, I was pretty ok with this workout – I don’t have handstand push-ups, but other than that, this workout was pretty good for me (DL are my jam, wallballs aren’t too bad either, and I’m decent at pacing on the rower. Plus, I love a good chipper – long and heavy is right in my wheelhouse).
  2. I was grateful that “Castro decided to be a bit less of a dick this year” (my words) and put the tough gymnastic skill movement at the end of the WOD, so I could still do this one RX and get a decent workout.
  3. How beautiful are Icelandic women and how easy did they make this look (at altitude!)?!? Loved it when Sara Sigmundsdottir was all like “that was fun.”
  4. At first I didn’t realize there was a tiebreak time and I just thought I could coast and have a nice easy workout in 13 minutes since I didn’t need to save time for HSPU I couldn’t get, then CrossFit friend Leanne texted me and was like “tiebreak after the row, this is your week lady.” Crap, now I actually had to try.
  5. I had to go in Friday at 6 AM (even though I had the week off) because it was our breakfast potluck 🙂 (I made cinnamon rolls) but knew there was no way I would be doing this one two days in a row – thankfully coach agreed and gave me a nice little WOD of 5 rounds of 10 wall balls, 15 cal row and 5 hand-release push-ups 1:1 work:rest (1:1 rest is NICE – can we do that more often? ;)).
  6. I will admit, I had some pretty ambitious visions of how I would break things up, given that these are all pretty strong movements for me (DL starting with 15s, wallballs 20/20/15 – ha).
  7.  As has become my Open routine, I woke up, got nice and caffeinated, went for a bit of a walk, and arrived at the gym at 11 for our “Saturday Showdown.”
  8. Coach Janet (leader of our team, Planet Janet and the Superstars) had done the WOD Friday, and she and I have similar strengths as athletes, plus even though she is old enough to be my mother she is a total BEAST; so I asked her for strategy. Her advice: do 11s on the deadlifts, and she did 5s all the way on the wallballs with quick rest (she also can’t HSPU).
  9. In my head I thought that 5s seemed a bit small for wallball sets, and thought I might start with something bigger, but overall it seemed like a good plan. I saw Janet’s tiebreak time was 10 minutes flat, so that became my goal.
  10. I wasn’t until heat 4, which meant lots of waiting, and discovered that apparently I get major nervous sweats when I went to bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw some serious moisture in my underarm region.
  11. Finally: go time! I motored through those deadlifts, sticking to the plan of 11s until the last set which I broke up into 5 and 6, getting off the barbell around 2:30.
  12. Then I got to the wall and felt like Bambi: my legs were all wobbly and I quickly decided that Janet’s 5s all the way was a GREAT plan (Coach Alex was my judge, and before the WOD I requested that as I broke up the wallballs, I needed her to countdown my rest, which she was amazing at, giving me a 3-2-1 each time). I got no-repped a few times too, which just goes to show how rough I was feeling.
  13. Wallballs done, onto the rower (during the previous heats, I was surprised how much everyone looked like death at this point). I was not feeling like pushing the pace, and it definitely was not my fastest row, but for the most part I kept my pacing fairly consistent in the seven and eight hundreds, pushed it for the last couple of minutes, and got off the rower at 10:50.
  14. I wasn’t even going to bother getting measured against the wall for the handstand push-ups, but before the WOD Coach Alex insisted. Coach Duncan saw that I was going to attempt one and advised me to wait at least a minute before trying. I gave it a few attempts, but no go. Just like chest to bar pull-ups and bar muscle-ups, HSPU were not going to be a thing for me for the 2016 CrossFit Open.
  15. My quads were a bit sore for the rest of Saturday, but going for a nice walk with CrossFit friend Kim and her dog Jax helped flush things out, and, as I type this Sunday my back is a bit sore, but not terrible (Kim said I was rounding a little bit for the first 30 or so but set my shoulders pretty decently, but things started to go more for the last 20-25). I think there will be a lot of busy chiropractors and RMTs near CrossFit gyms this week. 😉
  16. I am not sad that there is only one more week of the Open to go, and I predict thrusters will be in 16.5, possibly a repeat of 14.5, or maybe a box jump/thruster combo? I also think after making it through this week that (fingers crossed) I might be able to submit 5 RX scores, which would be kinda cool…..

.4 Final Score: 165, 10:50 tiebreak


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