16 on 16.5

The 2016 CrossFit Open is DONE!

Need to catch up? Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Special summary post coming soon…but for now, on to 16.5!

  1. Ok, I TOTALLY CALLED THIS ONE! I definitely said to more than one person that I predicted 16.5 would be 14.5. I just had a feeling…so when Castro did his whole Yoda bit (so weird btw), I was all like “man, I’m good.”
  2. I actually was not upset when I heard this announcement. Granted, I didn’t do the Open in 2014 (although I was Crossfitting, so got to see lots of people, including Jess, suffer through it), so I don’t have the scars. But I like long, grind-y WODs with simple movements and low skills, and I’ve got a pretty good engine. So: 14.5 repeat? I’ll take that. Plus, I’ve always had this lingering feeling that, having not done 14.5, I’m missing out on some sort of CrossFit rite of passage.
  3. I may or may not have texted a few CrossFit friends about my excitement for this WOD/my vindication at having called this workout. Kim texted back saying she knew I called it, and how this WOD was in my wheelhouse – #lovesthegrind. 🙂
  4.  I didn’t do my usual Friday 6 AM run-through, since 6 AM was cancelled for Good Friday and I had church in the morning (but really, it’s thrusters and burpees. Just pace it out and don’t redline – what is there to test?).
  5. I wasn’t really sure what sort of time to expect for this WOD. I still remember Jess going out strong and suffering through it two years ago (remember, after she had the boys, I asked which was worse, labour or 14.5?) so I still had that terror in the back of my mind. And although this WOD is totally in my wheelhouse, I’m good at both of these movements and pacing, I still don’t consider myself “fast.”
  6. I picked the (admittedly somewhat arbitrary) target of 22 minutes, but then when I was in doing the Olympic lifting class Friday afternoon, saw some of the times posted by other girls at my gym, I thought that I needed to be a bit more ambitious. I initially thought sub-20, then decided I should aim for sub-18.
  7. Then on Saturday when I showed up to do the WOD, Leanne told me that Craig (her bf and one of the coaches) was apparently expecting big things for me on this WOD and thought I could go sub-16. Darn all these people and their belief in me.
  8. I was placed in the 4th heat. Gah. So. Much. Waiting. I took pictures for my friend Matt (our gym’s resident Open photographer this year) during the first heat while he completed the workout, passed the time watching and chatting with friends, then warmed up during heat 3.
  9. Coach Janet gave pacing advice again: the two big take-aways (that both came in SUPER handy) were to break up the thrusters earlier than you think you need to and to crawl the burpees (as opposed to jumping up and then jumping over the bar) to save energy. I had been toying with doing 11/10 during the first round, but after talking to Janet decided to go with 7/7/7.
  10. Finally, heat 4 arrived and I was ready to go. At the last minute, my friend and fellow 6 AM-er Victoria was called in to judge me, so that was fun (I told her my pacing plan and to yell at me to pick up the bar if I was resting too long).
  11. I totally stuck to my plan: 7s the first round, 6s the second, then 5s. I *think I did 7/5 on the round of 12, and then went unbroken from 9s on down. As for the burpees, my plan was just not to try and go fast at all. I kept moving the entire time, didn’t try and push it hard, and honestly used the burpees as recovery.
  12. Everyone thinks I’m nuts, but I have to say: I loved this workout. It was long and grindy, but very approachable: just keep picking up the bar and do some burpees. I felt good, was really happy with how I did (spoiler alert, I did better than I thought), stuck to my plan, and didn’t even feel like I got that deep into the pain cave. I remember before the round of 9 not looking forwaImage-1rd to doing an unbroken set of thrusters, I definitely screamed once, and, I mean, I was tired; but it was manageable.
  13. I really love the pictures of me that Matt got during 16.5. I’m sure you’re wondering, and he asked me afterward, was I intentionally smiling for the camera? Nope. I guess I am just really happy doing thrusters…? Only me.
  14. 16.5 was another reminder that I frequently underestimate myself/sell myself short. It was suited to me, and, honestly, my favourite workout of the entire Open (I know I’m weird).
  15. Our gym celebrated at the end with beer, pizza and snacks (I made Easter treats, because that’s what I do), and then after Kim and I continued the celebrations with pizza, ice cream and drinks at my house.
  16. As with last year, the Open was awesome, I’m glad I did it, but I’m so glad it’s done and now I can get back to the usual grind (more on new goals, new lifting program etc etc in the forthcoming Open sum up post).

.5 Final Score: 16:25 (guess I could go sub-20 ;)),




2 thoughts on “16 on 16.5

  1. It definitely is weird to love this WOD, but it seemed like that worked out for you! I love that you exceeded your expectations. Same thing for me on this one! I was hoping for anything less than 30 minutes (haha) and everyone knew I was capable of more. Great pics and congrats on a strong Open! 🙂


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